Wind River opportunities

The first night we went to a pow wow. There was an air of anticipation amongst the first American populace. I met a northren Arapahoe woman who had brought her daughter to observe so that she could dance next season. She gave me a feel to how important their history and community is to them. On the way there and back we started to see what kind of poverty the people live in. Although I have seen poverty like this before, it was shocking to see it in our own country. We spent several days in various activities. First was working with VBS. We had to spray our hair with an essential oil mixture to ward off lice. I thought there may be a couple of children who had lice, but was surprized to see there were only a couple who did not. Two children stood out to me. One was a native boy who came over to sit by me. He did not speak a lot, but took my hand and laid it upside down on the table, then put his hand on mine. He saw me as safe, and was comfortable being near me. We started to talk about the craft we were doing, which was making a beaded necklace with a cross on it. He did not want to put the cross, only beads. He pointed to the cross on the property, and asked 'Is that your God?' I said, no, but it is a symbol of my God. ' why?' He asked. I explained that Jesus died on a cross so that we could be forgiven our sins. 'Oh.' He thought for a moment. 'I guess I will put a cross on mine.' He commented. I could tell he was hungry for love. Sadly, he was only there for one day, but I have committed to pray for his salvation. The second standout was a girl about 14 yrs old named Jayden. I met her after the youth meeting led by pastor Zach. She and her friend Skylar were waiting for their ride. I asked how they were doing. She immediately started to tell me about her foster situation while her mom was in 'treatment'. She was crying because she promised her sister they would not seperate, but was put in a home away from her. I gave her a hug. Just as we were getting started her foster mom walked up and cut it short. Both girls seemed sorry to not continue, leaving me with a feeling of uncompleted business. She is also on my prayer list. There were definitely seeds planted there. The men really impressed me with their hard work and commitment. The three young people were a pure blessing! Definitely a need for what Sarah and Jason are doing their best to provide!

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